kicking the soda habit

14 Feb

For anyone trying to kick the soda habit I highly recommend trying kombucha tea (GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha is a good one and is sold in most health food stores).

In my humble opinion, the reason we like soda so much isn’t just because it’s chucked full of sugary goodness and eye popping caffeine, but also because our bodies are craving fermented foods. That’s right! Fermented! Think sauerkraut, pickles, yogurt, you got it!

For thousands of years we little humans used bacteria to help preserve food and make nutrients accessible to our bodies. Of course the bacterias themselves also have many health benefits, including improved intestinal track health and enhanced immunity, to name but a few. Modern food processing changed the face of how we do food. It’s now hard to find unpasteurized sauerkraut (think DEAD sauerkraut). The only fermented food I know of that can still be found at your local grocery is yogurt. My point is, we use to eat a lot of this stuff and now we don’t. Now we eat a lot of crap. Eating more fermented foods would probably be good for us, especially seeing the rising rate of gastrointestinal disorders in the U.S.

Okay, okay, back to the soda issue. You see, I’m convinced the other reason I loved a cold dewy coke was because of the carbonation. Come on! There’s nothing better than that first sip and snap, crackle, pop on the tongue. Kombucha tea has the same carbonated “experience” (kinda like beer) that soda has but gets its bubbles from health promoting probiotics and not carbon dioxide.

Try it. I love it. And so will you.


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