show off.

21 May

There are three things I’m showing off in this picture…can you guess what they are???

1) that’s a new camera I just got! I’m super pumped because my old camera didn’t take the best pictures, especially of food…and we know how many pictures I take of what I eat!

2) a new running shirt! I got this shirt at Big Five Sports on sale for twenty bucks. I’ve ran in it twice now and love it! It’s soft, light and wicks moisture well.

3) yeah, those are my muscles you see there, don’t be intimidated…wait, yes, BE intimidated! I’ve been working out with weights twice a week for a while now and I’m happy to say I’m seeing results. My biggest challenge/goal is to be able to do a full pull up on my pull up bar. Right now I do what I call “let downs” – basically a “negative” pull up. Instead of pulling yourself up, you start in the pull up position and let yourself down as slowly as you can. It’s really hard!!! Try it! If you want to master the pull up like I do, here is a great blog post on how to accomplish this from Get Fit Slowly.


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