Operation: clean out the closet

8 Jun

I’m pretty sure that no one reading this will deny they have at least a few things hanging around in their closet or dresser drawers that they haven’t worn in ages but can’t seem to throw out.

Well guess what? I have both a challenge and a solution for you!

The challenge:

1) go through your closet and dresser, pull out anything you haven’t worn in the last couple months

2) now comes the hard part, ask yourself if you really like this particular piece of clothing or is it just the memory you have attached to it that keep it hanging in the back of the closet (i.e. that old concert t-shirt, dress you wore to prom, etc)

3) for the items you’ve decided you really do want to wear again (and yes you tried them on, they still fit!) hang back up or fold and return to the draw

Now you are probably feeling near tears as you look at the pile of clothes left over. What? I have to throw all these away! but I looove this shirt!! Never fear!

Here comes the solution!

4) get out your camera, yes, you heard me right, get the camera! Lay all those precious memory ladened pieces of fabric on the floor and take some memory snapshots. Or, better yet, get a friend to take pictures of you in the clothes! Make it fun!

5) bag up the clothes you’ve taken a picture of, give them a last farewell, and take them to your local clothing donation center

Congratulations! You now have a clean closest and you didn’t have to give up all those nostalgic memories! Now might be a good time to go shopping given all that new room in the closet! 😉

Now, I wouldn’t challenge you all with something I wouldn’t do myself! I gave myself (and my hubby) the same challenge last weekend. It was hard but man was it satisfying to see that big bag of clothes get donated. I felt liberated….free!!!

Here are a couple of the pictures I snapped from my own closet purge:

This shirt saw a lot of running miles and gyms…

school colors

One of my favorite sweatshirts from high school which my husband eventually adopted as a work shirt (aka the missing arms)…

high school sweetheart

One of the many shirts I’ve gotten from running events….

running shirt

My time in Rome was well spent as can be assumed from the shirt below….

the crawl back

Alanis! Oh the memories!


This shirt has holes in it I wore it so many times….

Jenny Gen

Teammate signatures from when I did crew….

row, row, row your boat!

How do you keep your closet clean?

What are your suggestions for getting rid or old clothes?


2 Responses to “Operation: clean out the closet”

  1. Leslie Farris June 8, 2010 at 9:14 pm #

    Now see, if you were here with us in Lansing, you could play “pass the clothes around.” I have some of Nana’s old jeans, Jill’s mom has some of my old pants, Jill’s going to take a couple of skirts that are too big for me now.

    • Jenny June 8, 2010 at 11:39 pm #

      I like this idea! Maybe I should have had an exchange party! Well, there is always next time!

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