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The Complete Guide to Interval Training

29 Dec

As an infographic. Your welcome. Enjoy.

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The BIG 10 Challenge! (for February!)

1 Feb

Big 10 Challenge! (for February!) from Jenny K on Vimeo.


We finished January, now on to February!

Basically, everyday, for the month of February, you have to do 10 reps of one exercise. It can be push ups, squats, whatever but you have to do 10 quality reps. Sounds pretty simple huh? While this is going to work on the most important muscle of all…..our consistence muscle.

To participate you MUST join dailymile ( This way you can see the big10 challenge of the day (I will post the challenge on my dailymile profile) and you can record your workouts and support and motivate others doing the challenge. Comment on this post to give us your dailymile profile link.
My dailymile profile is:

Note: make sure you modify exercises as needed to fit your fitness level and to adjust for any injuries, etc.

Hope you join in the fun! ;D And enjoy my cheesy video!


“equipment” for bodyrock workouts

11 Jan

What do you do when you don’t have the right exercise equipment to do a bodyrock workout (or any workout for that matter)? While most of Zuzana’s workouts are body weight exercises, she does mix it up a bit using a few basic pieces of equipment. Below are some suggested substitutes until you can get a hold of the real thing.

Interval Timer

A lot of Zuzana’s workouts are interval based which means you have to have an interval timer in order to do them properly. The interval timer she suggests is Gym Boss. I have one and love it but it also cost 20 bucks….that’s a lot of money. So before you shell out the dough you can use these two handy online interval timers I found:

Play around with them a bit, they seem pretty simple.

Dip Bar and Sandbag

The other two pieces of equipment she uses are a dip bar and a sandbag. I just ordered my dip bar (yay!), I’ve been saving up the money for a while now. But, until I get it I use an assortment of different household items to substitute for the dip bar depending on the exercise being preformed. For exercises like the seated pull-up and reverse push-up I find I can use a table to substitute for the dip bar. I just sit under the table, grasp the edges, your arms should be about shoulder width apart (otherwise, find a smaller table!) and then get into the desired exercise position and go! Works pretty well for me. These are just a couple ideas but you can get creative. Look around your house for items you might be able to use. Otherwise, just substitute a different exercise into the workout, I’ve done this on a number of occasions as well.

As for the sandbag, I made my own. It is still a work in progress but eventually I’ll have one with real sand in it. Right now I just have a duffle bag with a pillow and some free weights in it. Works pretty good. Otherwise I use free weights instead of the sandbag when I can. You can also find a lot of DIY sandbags online.

Those are just some ideas. Comment and share your own ideas, the more the better!

(Photo credit: Crystal Mcrenyolds from CrossFit Central Top 10 finisher at the 2009 CrossFit Games, photo from Facebook group)

hiking and bbqing for memorial day

1 Jun

My memorial day was filled with huffing and puffing, and climbing and seeing wonderful things from really high up overlooking Lake Berryessa! Oh and then it involved some down hill trail running, over boulders and logs and jumping to clear bushes and streams. It was fun! Here are some pictures of the view and the great people I was with:

a room with a view


Isn’t the view amazing? I thought so!

wall flower

The gang!

After the hike we all headed to my favorite place for breakfast, Putah Creek Cafe in Winters! Best, best, best! For dinner, Abe and I kept it pretty simple and traditional, BBQ chicken and veggies. 🙂

What did you do for memorial day?
What were your eats?

show off.

21 May

There are three things I’m showing off in this picture…can you guess what they are???

1) that’s a new camera I just got! I’m super pumped because my old camera didn’t take the best pictures, especially of food…and we know how many pictures I take of what I eat!

2) a new running shirt! I got this shirt at Big Five Sports on sale for twenty bucks. I’ve ran in it twice now and love it! It’s soft, light and wicks moisture well.

3) yeah, those are my muscles you see there, don’t be intimidated…wait, yes, BE intimidated! I’ve been working out with weights twice a week for a while now and I’m happy to say I’m seeing results. My biggest challenge/goal is to be able to do a full pull up on my pull up bar. Right now I do what I call “let downs” – basically a “negative” pull up. Instead of pulling yourself up, you start in the pull up position and let yourself down as slowly as you can. It’s really hard!!! Try it! If you want to master the pull up like I do, here is a great blog post on how to accomplish this from Get Fit Slowly.