food and exercise goal reflection

26 Jan

It’s almost the end of January!!!

I’ve been pretty good about exercising everyday. One of the ways I find that helps a lot is making my goal to motivate Abe to exercise…for some reason getting myself to exercise is much easier if I have to motivate him to do it too. So on that level, doing pretty good! I can tell just this month I’m getting stronger.

The most important muscle we can work is our consistance muscle. Bekah and I talked about this just the other day. How setting little goals that are totally achievable is better than setting bigger goals and only meeting them sometimes. For example, it would be better to set a goal to workout everyday by going to the gym, etc. But then, set a “minimum” goal such as, I have to do at LEAST 10 girly push ups, or 10 squats a day. And you need to recognize this as a legitimate goal. Not say to yourself, yeah this is my minimum but I SHOULD do more, blah blah blah, cause then it isn’t a real goal. Setting doable “minimum” goals allows you to build that important consistance muscle. When you are crawling into bed and you’re like, “shit, I didn’t workout again today”….or when you get home from school or work and you are exhausted and feel like shit, you know you can do your minimum for the day. You can do 10 push ups in less than a minute. And THAT, that consistance is more important than three 1 hour workouts at the gym a week. Why? Because meeting a minimum is building that habit into your brain that exercise is important and part of your EVERYDAY life, not just something that happens when you feel like it or on special¬†occasions.

I think for the month of Febuary we should make the challenge to work on goal setting. February will be about learning the best way to set goals for YOU.

Anyway. Foodwise I’ve cleaned some things up in my diet this month. I have IBS which can be very debilitating at times. Last summer I often had to leave work early because I was so sick. I also had issues with depression (common with IBS) and other wonderful issues. Well, since I started eating a more traditional/paleo diet and focusing on reculturing my¬†gut, most of my symptoms have gone away. I had an “episode” this month though and I was instantly horrible depressed. When I have problems I feel very helpless and down because I can’t always figure out why I have symptoms sometimes and not others. usually when I have an episode it lasts at least a week. This time I decided to try eliminating dairy from my diet because I’d not tried that before. I don’t eat a lot of dairy but I had been having a latte almost everyday the week before I started having problems. Plus I was eating heavy cream and other yummy dairy products. So, I stopped the dairy and BANG! my symptoms were gone the next day. It was amazing!!! I waited a few days to see if it was for real or just my imagination, but so far so good, still symptom free! This is sad though, it means I need to be much more careful with dairy than I thought I needed too. But hey, it’s worth it to feel good.


make your own health and workout journal

18 Jan

What you need:

– 1 large Moleskine or a cheap knockoff (I got my knockoff at Borders)

– Post-it tabs

– pen (that won’t bleed through the pages)

– ruler or something with a straight edge

– a pair of sissor

– coloring pencils or highlighters

– glue stick


I also printed out and used a number of templets from MyMoleskine You do have to create a user account to access the templates but it is well worth it. They have a number of fun things you can use to make your health and workout journal more effective. I used the “English Wellness Journal Template” as well as the “Horizontal Planning Templates” in my journal. I just printed, trimmed and then glued the templates into my journal. Take a peek around and see what you think is useful.

Here is the structure and “outline” of my Health and Workout Journal:


  • Notes
    • Body Measurements
    • Warm up/cool down ideas
    • Workout ideas
    • (extra pages and space for other stuff I might want to “note”)
  • General Health
    • Vitamins and Supplements
    • General comments on health issues concerns
  • Goals
    • Yearly Goals
      • What I hope to accomplish by next year….
    • 6 month goals
      • what I hope to accomplish in 6 months..
    • Montly goals
  • Workouts
    • Each week gets four face pages. The first and second page has a section for weekly goals, notes and Monday, Tuesday and Wed. The third and forth page are dedicated to Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday workouts.
  • Sports
    • Here I can record events I’ve participated in, such as 5k races, etc.

You can get really creative with this and paste pictures, inspirational notes and all that fun stuff in your journal. Really the possiblities are endless. I had a lot of fun making this workout journal and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It is exactly what I wanted because I created it.


“equipment” for bodyrock workouts

11 Jan

What do you do when you don’t have the right exercise equipment to do a bodyrock workout (or any workout for that matter)? While most of Zuzana’s workouts are body weight exercises, she does mix it up a bit using a few basic pieces of equipment. Below are some suggested substitutes until you can get a hold of the real thing.

Interval Timer

A lot of Zuzana’s workouts are interval based which means you have to have an interval timer in order to do them properly. The interval timer she suggests is Gym Boss. I have one and love it but it also cost 20 bucks….that’s a lot of money. So before you shell out the dough you can use these two handy online interval timers I found:

Play around with them a bit, they seem pretty simple.

Dip Bar and Sandbag

The other two pieces of equipment she uses are a dip bar and a sandbag. I just ordered my dip bar (yay!), I’ve been saving up the money for a while now. But, until I get it I use an assortment of different household items to substitute for the dip bar depending on the exercise being preformed. For exercises like the seated pull-up and reverse push-up I find I can use a table to substitute for the dip bar. I just sit under the table, grasp the edges, your arms should be about shoulder width apart (otherwise, find a smaller table!) and then get into the desired exercise position and go! Works pretty well for me. These are just a couple ideas but you can get creative. Look around your house for items you might be able to use. Otherwise, just substitute a different exercise into the workout, I’ve done this on a number of occasions as well.

As for the sandbag, I made my own. It is still a work in progress but eventually I’ll have one with real sand in it. Right now I just have a duffle bag with a pillow and some free weights in it. Works pretty good. Otherwise I use free weights instead of the sandbag when I can. You can also find a lot of DIY sandbags online.

Those are just some ideas. Comment and share your own ideas, the more the better!

(Photo credit: Crystal Mcrenyolds from CrossFit Central Top 10 finisher at the 2009 CrossFit Games, photo from Facebook group)

Do you miss pasta?

8 Jan

Here’s the cure!

spaghetti squash!

Spaghetti squash! This was dinner. Hit’s the spot every time.

meal of the day

7 Jan

So I only ate one meal today – dinner – as I was doing a bit of intermittent fasting…..will write more about this experiences this weekend.

Oh, and if you think this is just a little bowl I must correct you. This is a SERVING bowl. It was HUGE…and sooooo tasty!!! 

meals of the day

6 Jan


31 Dec

Combo # 1
15 sets of
2 jump squats and 1 jump tuck followed by
3 half way down push ups and power up
(5 minutes total)
Combo # 2
6 sets of
10 kick ups and
10 mountain climber peaks
(5 minutes)
Combo #3
4 sets on each leg
10 reps of One Leg Pike Press
followed by
10 reps of One Leg Jump Squat
(8:48 minutes)
Breakdance Push Up (did 10 crappy form breakdance and then just 10 regular push ups, I was just too tired!)
(2:40 minutes)…