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Green Graffiti

27 Mar

I snapped this while I was pumping gas in Davis, CA. It was one of those ads you see on the top of the gas pump, usually selling soda or hotdogs, this ad was selling fresh dairy! I thought it was pretty humorous as I use to live in Lansing Michigan and I know for a fact I would never see green graffiti in Lansing, but in Davis, this is very fitting. Davis is the home of some of the most food conscious people I’ve ever seen. I like it.

The notes on the ad say, “never seen green grass” with an arrow pointing at the cow and then “GMO Alfalfa” pointing at the over saturated (aka photoshopped) green field the cow is standing in.

What do you think about this ad with its graffiti?

Do you see much green graffiti where you live?